Bubiloons Confetti – 8+ Accessories, Surprise Character That Blow Bubbles, for Girls and Kids 5 and up

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Bubiloon ConfettiBubiloon Confetti

Bubiloon Confetti characters Bubiloon Confetti characters

Bubiloon Confetti capsule Bubiloon Confetti capsule

Bubiloon Confetti unboxingBubiloon Confetti unboxing

Bubiloon Confetti bubbles Bubiloon Confetti bubbles

Bubiloon Confetti balloonsBubiloon Confetti balloons

Discover the fun cupcake capsule!

Shaped in a fun cupcake vessel, the Bubiloons are ready to party with you!

Fun unboxing experience!

Pop the top off the capsule and watch as a fun confetti explosion happens!

Blow balloons!

Add the inflator to your Bubiloons mouth with a bubi-goo on the other end. Squeeze the Bubiloons head to start inflating the balloon!

Decorate the balloons with confetti!

Some balloons come with confetti inside and other balloons you can decorate the outside of the balloons with the confetti you unboxed!

Bubiloons lil pops party kitoonsBubiloons lil pops party kitoons

CREATE: Use the inflator and bubigoos with your Bubiloons character to create bubbles!
REVEAL: Pull the top off your cupcake capsule and an explosion of confetti will pop out!
COLLECT: There are 12+ characters to collect and one rare character!
There are 2 bubi-goos with confetti inside them! Kids can decorate their bubi-goos with the included confetti and display all over the capsule. Recommended age 5+ years

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